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o period as the birth place of Silvio Pellico, is today above all known for its superbly crafted furniture. Saluzzo ranks amongst the most beautiful cities of Piedmont. Once the capital of a powerful marquisate, it is now one of the most important centres in Italy for antiques, fine furniture and restoration. Lying just a few kilometres outside the city, the , a prime example of late Gothic art dating back to the early years of the fifteenth century and famed for its frescoes inspired by the epic verse romance “Le Chevalier Errant”. Partecipa agli eventi per single Scegli il tuo modo per fare incontri!Sul tuo smartphone, sul sito, sul tuo tablet, tramite la geolocalizzazione, a una serata, per caso…Con Meetic, hai solo l’imbarazzo della scelta!The guardian apartment with terrace is also located here.Tourists after some peace and quiet, or just something a little out of the ordinary, need look no further than a variety of functioning Italian cloisters, boasting rich histories and striking architecture. Benedict followed by most male and female orders of monastics which ordains that their lives of poverty, chastity and obedience must also be a life dedicated to others.

x Proseguendo la navigazione, accetti l’installazione dei cookie volta a realizzare statistiche di audience e a proporti servizi e offerte mirate sulla base dei tuoi interessi. Le informazioni raccolte sono destinate a Meetic, alle società nelle quali Meetic detiene una partecipazione (di seguito “Gruppo Meetic”), e anche ai suoi partner commerciali situati dentro o fuori l’Unione Europea, al fine di permettere di accedere ai servizi del Gruppo Meetic descritti qui di seguito.Also the names of these places can be a bit of a mouthful which might make taxi journeys awkward if you're not careful.At breakfast you are unlikely to see eggs and bacon on the menu as this is not the Italian way, and monasteries make no exceptions.In the same period the oldest part of the castle was renovated to create a large neo-Gothic dining room and a theatre above it decorated with frescoes showing episodes from “Don Quixote”.In addition, inside a courtyard a small chapel was constructed which is still consecrated today.

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The castle is composed by a fortified area and an area dedicated to the staff.

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